Multicultural society in Great Britain – Schülerarbeiten aus dem Englisch-LK

London hieß das Ziel des Englisch-LKs im Juli 2017. Im Zusammenhang mit dieser Fahrt sollten die Schülerinnen und Schüler ihre Wahrnehmungen bezüglich des abiturrelevanten Themas „Multicultural society in Great Britain“ in einer von ihnen selbst gewählten Form aufschreiben.

Zwei besonders gelungene Beispiele von Sarah Näther und Gizem Zengin können Sie hier lesen:


Different people from different groups

Wearing t-shirts, wearing suits

The scent of variety in the air

Stereotypes are very rare

Yellow, purple, red and green

Colours that are often seen

Strangers meeting on the street

Each and everyone’s unique

And no matter where you’re


Join us in our special


Made of millions of sounds and voices

It’s inspired by your choices

by Sarah Näther


Great Britain is known for its multicultural society including many cultures, religions and people from other countries. Over the last 200 years lots of migrants immigrated the UK, so a multicultural society is formed.

During the time in England we were supposed to observe the multicultural society in this country. “The definition of multicultural is something that incorporates ideas, beliefs or people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds.“ (

Our residence was in Lewisham, it is a small part of London. Especially there it got obvious that England includes a lot of different cultures and people with different origins. Moreover, Lewisham shows that varied people live together and has a wide spectrum of shops, which offer food from different countries.

But on the other hand the city life of London shows some different sides of living in a multicultural society. Comparing Lewisham with the centre of London it gets clear that a ghettoization took place in some cases due to the diverse living places of these different people. Mostly migrants live in places like Lewisham, it seems like they separate themselves from the crowd. Emphasizing this fact it has to be mentioned that places like China Town or several areas in Camden Town demonstrate the diversity in London owing to the aspect that they separate a few districts from British life.

In comparison to those negative aspects of a multicultural society there are also a lot of positive implications to realize. It is noticeable that in England there are many businessmen with different origins, this stresses a successful immigration policy. Furthermore, people interact with each other independently from the background. I got to know this in the tube when an Asian man talked with a British woman and an Indian couple. They all looked really friendly, concluding from this it gets obvious that people are able to live together no matter from where you are. In addition, I observed that British people and migrants enjoy same free time activities in the Green Park. Besides that they make friends from different countries. This creates a calm an peaceful atmosphere in the country.

In conclusion one can say that Great Britain mostly shows an easy living together of many cultures due to the great interaction of migrants and Britons. They share the same values like business and enjoyments. Even though some people separate themselves and live in districts only including people with the same country of origin.

(Gizem Zengin)